About Ray Wiens

“Following my interest in hunting and the outdoors, Ray Wiens Taxidermy was established in 2005. The goal of my business is to combine high quality taxidermy and creativity with service and accountability that provides the clients with a positive experience and a memorable mount to last a lifetime.”


Ray Wiens Taxidermy is owned and operated by Ray, and his wife, Maureen. They live on location in Merritt BC with daughter, Hannah, their 3 dogs, and several horses as well as a mix of ducks, chickens, and goats.

Ray Wiens Taxidermy operated out of Aldergrove, BC, for 11 years having the pleasure of working for, and cultivating lasting relationships with, many Lower mainland clients. In 2016, the Wiens family made a move to Merritt, BC, establishing a convenient Langley, BC, location for Lower Mainland clients to continue to use their taxidermy services.  The move has been a good one, and with many friends and family still located in the central lower mainland area, Ray & his family are back and forth often to meet clients, pick-up, and drop-off mounts.  Plans are in the works to establish a drop off location in Chilliwack, BC, very soon.

Moving to the interior was a move Ray’s family had long hoped to do. As a hunter, he’s always wanted to live closer to prime hunting location.  Living in the heart of prime mule deer country while planning to continue to serve their existing client base made Merritt the perfect location. Merritt It is a hub city with 5 highways intersecting in the interior of British Columbia.   Ray’s new shop has grown to a 2700 sq ft space which allowed for the growth of his taxidermy business. 

For those passing through, Ray is a one-stop shop where hunters can have compulsory inspections completed, hides tanned and mounts to celebrate life-long memories.   As of August 2020, a commercial tannery exists on location as well.   The tannery is expected to provide improved turnaround times on hide tanning, giving the hunter the added confidence that the hides and antlers are fully processed on location and not shipped out.   

For Ray’s U.S. and Foreign clients, Ray Wiens Taxidermy continues to offer a one-stop service and location as well.  All inspections, permits, tanning, mounting, and crating happens on site. For U.S. clients Ray provides the wildlife clearance aspect of shipping and transport.  Working with foreign clients, Ray Wiens Taxidermy can make these arrangements for shipping to customers over seas as well.   

We look forward to working with you to preserve your memories.  Thanks to all and happy hunting!

Ray, Maureen, and Hannah