Ray wiens taxidermy

Welcome to Ray Wiens Taxidermy! A full time taxidermy studio and tannery located in Merritt, British Columbia.

We work with hunters and animal enthusiast far and wide, and we look forward to working with you to preserve your memories.  For your convenience we have three drop off locations spread throughout the lower mainland and into the interior to serve your needs. Merritt Taxidermy with drop off locations in the North Okanagan, South Langley & Prince George, BC. We will collect your project from the location nearest you. Please be sure to call for an appointment.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your vision for the mount.



A great mount or rug starts, first with care in the field but next is with a quality tan.  Starting August 2020, all hides will be tanned on location in Merritt, BC, keeping prices competitive and offering faster turn-around for your taxidermy mounts & rugs.



Compulsory Wildlife Inspections

Compulsory inspected species must be submitted to an inspector within 30 days of the kill for the purpose of taking measurements or parts of the animal required for management.